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Myster Vape

Myster is an innovative vaporizing technology that turns ordinary dab pens into high-end, luxury sesh devices. Its state-of-the-art design and technology are now being offered by Got Vape Wholesale at affordable prices to retailers in the United States. All of Myster’s parts and accessories can be found at wholesale levels so customers can have a complete dabbing experience with everything they need.

Choosing Myster as your go-to vape brand means relying on its peerless reliability, effortless style, and cutting-edge technology. Their innovative products are created for both novice and experienced vapers, promising superior quality and unrivaled flavor for each hit. They have put a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction and use this as the driving force behind their designs. No matter what your vaping needs are, Myster has your back; from stylish starter kits to cloud chasers, they cover all areas of the market with their uncompromising commitment to excellence.

Not only does Myster ensure that its products provide a smooth vaping experience but also guarantees maximum safety precautions when it comes to handling e-liquids with advanced safety features built into each component. What’s more, is that all their vape pens come equipped with variable power settings which allow for complete customization and control. This makes it easy to find the perfect combo of temperature & wattage that suits your vaping style. Alongside this, Myster offers an array of new flavors launching regularly so you can always keep up with the latest trends! So, with dependability at its core and customer service beyond compare what isn’t there to love about choosing Myster?

Myster Products

The SlickStick by Myster is the most discrete cart battery that allows you to disguise your cart as a disposable vape! It features a magnetic base cap with 510 threading, allowing for most 0.5g and 1g carts with standard 510 threading to fit. Additionally, it has an internal rechargeable battery with a USB-C charge port and indicator light ring to show when it’s fully charged. It uses a draw-activated firing system and three output levels can be easily adjusted by giving three quick puffs– perfect for adjusting the temperature of your hit depending on your needs. It also comes equipped with a pre-heat function that can be activated by two quick puffs; perfect for thick oils or concentrates that require more heat before vaporizing completely!

The SlickStick ensures not only convenience but also complete discretion. Its compact size coupled with its sleek design make it hard to even tell the difference between this cart battery and a disposable vape! No batteries are needed, and no buttons to press, just pop in your desired cartridge and puff away! With its ease of use, adjustable temperature control, and reliable pre-heat function, the SlickStick is the perfect cart battery choice when it comes to discretion.

Myster is transforming the vaping experience with its innovative solutions and commitment to quality. The company has established itself as a leader in the vaping industry, offering state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly designs. Myster’s products have revolutionized the traditional vapor production process, providing customers with a maximum 8 airflow range for superior vapor flavor. Moreover, all of Myster’s vaping devices are sleek and intuitively designed for minimal hassle while using them.